If Rocks Could Remember ( series I )

A series of 50 works created in a combined process that includes printmaking, laser-cutting, and plexiglass and metal installation.

If Rocks Could Remember

The rock shape is inspired by my Chinese nickname given to me by my grandparents. The characters 磊磊 (Leilei) are derived from pictographs of six rocks piling up. They literally mean a pile of rocks, but also mean open and honest, which I believe is a state of mind that requires full presence, mindfulness, vulnerability, and acceptance. The similarities between the way our memory works and the constructing / deconstructing process of creating multilayered work often fascinate me - Information is constantly being created yet altered or taken away, just like our memory retrieval often reflects a reconstruction of memory. The work explores different layers of memory and identity by utilizing the unique interactions of color, shape, and material.