Haoyun Erin Zhao is a multidisciplinary artist based in California. Her work includes painting, printmaking, mural, and installation. Interactions of color, shape, and material play a pivotal role in Erin’s process of creating and communicating. She utilizes the unique interactions of these elements to create sensations and resemble psychological changes that respond to stories happened in both the natural and built environments. The artist creates work to investigate human perception of the environment and its connection to memory, place, culture and personal experience. To explore this subject, Erin works in layers and meticulously composes geometric shapes and organic curves to create a rhythmic composition with interchangeable positive and negative space. She’s interested in bridging the tangible with the impalpable, in creating art that expresses feelings we experience but which we cannot put into words, or the part that is lost in translation when interchanging languages and cultures. Her work often invites open-ended reflections on memory and place.

Erin currently lives and works in San Francisco and Berkeley. She received her BFA from The Academy of Art University and now teaches at ArtWorks Fine Art Studio in San Francisco. She is currently an artist in residence at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley. She served as a judge for Asian Pacific Fund’s annual visual art competition “Growing Up Asian in America Program” from 2016 to 2018. In 2019, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Foundation selected her as Hearts in SF Project artist. The artist’s work has been published on International Artist Magazine, Artist Portfolio Magazine, and exhibited in galleries, museum exhibitions and art fairs at venues such as de Young Museum, Art Santa Fe Contemporary Art Fair, Studio Gallery, The Compound Gallery, Pacific Art League, Academy of Art University Gallery, Salesforce Art Showcase and etc. Her work can be found in public and private collections in the US and Asia.

赵皓芸 (Haoyun Erin Zhao) 是现居加州旧金山的华人艺术家和教育工作者,在美国生活工作十年。目前主要创作抽象绘画,版画,装置艺术以及壁画。探索在自然坏境和人文环境影响下色彩与形状在视觉上的相互作用是她创作过程中的重要因素。她通过细心谨慎地放置和组建形状与色彩来构建充满节奏韵律并可相互变化的正负空间,进而对视觉感官感受做进一步的研究探索。她的作品概念紧密联系着人类对周围环境的的感知获取以及此对记忆,地点,文化和个人成长经历的关系。她对用艺术来作为媒介联系有形与无形的关系颇感兴趣,特别是那些我们深有体会却常常止于言语的经历,或是那些在试图进行文化和语言转换的过程中潜藏不表和遗失的部分。她的作品大多提供了我们对于这些记忆,地点和文化感知的不局限的反思。

毕业于旧金山艺术大学,现任教于旧金山ArtWorks纯艺术工作室。目前是伯克利Kala艺术学院的驻留艺术家。她在2016到2018年期间担任了当地很有声誉的亚太太平洋基金组织的艺术比赛“在美国成长的华人”的评委。在2019年,扎克伯格旧金山综合医院基金会评选她为旧金山市爱心艺术项目的艺术家。她的作品曾发表于国际艺术家杂志,艺术家作品选集杂志,并在颇多艺术展中展出,其中包括de Young笛洋美术博物馆,Art Santa Fe圣菲市当代艺术博览会,旧金山Studio画廊,太平洋艺术学院,旧金山艺术大学画廊,Salesforce企业云计算公司邀请艺术展等等。